Following inspiration from Quinn’s “Finding Poetry on Book Spines”

I have played around with the books I could find around at the moment…

I have started with the English books/titles so far….I will venture in other languages too:)

It is amazing how altered books, words and poetry/stories come into life…A new perspective from something that was just getting forgotten and a little dusty….

Here are some of my favourites:

1. “Camera Lucida, everything is illuminated, do androids dream of electric sheep?”

2. “The unbearable lightness of being, look back in anger, the rainbow of sorrow, tears of the giraffe”

3. “The problems of philosphy, from Descartes to Locke, the doord of perception of heaven and hell, a small deceit.”

4. ” Identity, Liffe a user’s manual, the I Ching, the mind’s eye, the buddha in your mirror, cloud atlas, be a lamp upon yourself.”

6. “The artist’s handbook, the soul’s paletter, you the most creative person you’ll ever meet, art is a way of knowing.”

7. ” The Fabric of the Cosmos, Unlocking the mysteries of birth and death, around the world in eighty days.”

8. ” Brave new world, utilitarianism, into the wildm every living thing.”

9. ” The old man at sea, the shadow-line, teh distance between us, the things we do for love.”

10. “Chic e click, dragonology”

This process is inspiring another art project about these stories…..


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