Week-end reflection

This weekend I have been looking in retrospective to the most amazing e-course I have done so far: painting with your muse. I found it by chance after connecting with amazing Petrea Hansen Adamidis.

Initially I didn’t really know much about how the painting course would be like..I just felt that the fantastic combination of a great teacher/guide/artist/art therapist and the topics covered were so inspiring and I could not resist.

Well after embarking on this amazing journey I feel so grateful and pleased to have finally got in touch with a long time lost inner muse. I have always been drawn to art and creativity and they always have had an important part in my life, however I often felt the pressing from the environment and the artworld…basically I was just a little sick of art theory and how my art making was often cornered and stuck into that realm:)

Just being able to getting back to the beginning of raw  art making with someone like Petrea who can gently guide you through a very precious hidden world. Her ability to make one aware of how the process is something so personal and such an individual path to discover and explore. It is a great adventure where you always have Petrea’s support and precious meditations, information and exercises.

Following my intuition and just be free being like a child again has been a pure and utter bliss both for my creativity well as everything else in my life. I felt that by allowing myself to play and be fearless with paint I was finally able to get back to my hidden muse and face anything would come up…She has been suffocating for a while now…her voice was so distant that probably got confused with the critical ones….Furthermore by being able to understand why I love painting with the magic of its fluidity, enabled me to explore myself and my path. My passion and interest for art making have gained new light and perspective and are growing together with my huge interest for art therapy.

Thank you Petrea you rock and are ways beyond amazing!!!

I wish that all of you out there, wherever you are, can embark in such a great experience!

To get information and enroll for the next course just click on the icon below:)

Lizzie xo


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