Mid-week pondering

It’s a very special time…After the long wait and worries about my winged muse…she finally found me;) Thank you Erika Cleveland Erika Cleveland for making the best winged muse ever..

As soon as I met her she reminded of anuenue (rainbow in Hawaiian) and the great energy of Hawaiian goddesses… The more I read the beautiful letter accompanying her the more I could connect with her, her wisdom and her love. I named her Hi’iaka , after goddes Hi’iaka a special healer and guardian according to Hawaiian tradition: http://www.huna.org/html/hawaiian_goddesses.html.

The beautiful letter told me a lot about Hi’iaka and your handwriting Erika is just so beautiful and interesting!!! She was created in a cosy atmosphere surrounded by medicine dolls, from which she gained energy and powers, she has all my wishes within her body and her amazing wings are just magically filled with ancient wisdom, nature, childish magic inspiration. As you can see she embeds all the chakra colors and even gold for regal wisdom… She is so amazing that has got not one but three heads: the golden wise woman which just makes me feel at peace and ease just  feeling the stillness point. Then there is the “trickster playful animal head” containing nature’s wisdom, which just allows me to reach out to the wonders of nature and connect with its beauty and wisdom. Lastly the giraffe that runs through her back body and channels her energy in the front with the giraffe face at the belly level: just links me with the universe animism sharing the world’s energy.

Hi’iaka will be my new fantastic companion in my journey and adventures. I am so thrilled that she will be  listening, guiding, following and inspiring me thought my new whereabouts.





Feel free to join me in mid-week pondering posts, just leave a link to your posts:)

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  1. Victoria
    Sep 20, 2012 @ 13:23:46

    Yay..how wonderfully inspiring..she is magical and full of spirit! Enjoy the sacred healing energies of huna and the creative spirit of this beautiful doll..! Mid week ponderings sounds very cool..I would love to play sometime!


  2. kalilitraveler
    Sep 20, 2012 @ 14:09:22

    So WONDERFUL to hear that Hi’iake has arrived! I love the name and the story behind it. I looked her up. Thanks for posting this. I am so relieved! I will write about her on my other blog eachdayisapresent.blogspot.com and will try to link to your blog.

    I love seeing her in her new home! May she watch over you and use her powers, (as quoted in the article link above) to “clear the air” when needed, to find lost things, to bring things that you need into your life, to bring change that is needed.



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