Mid-week pondering: Operation Sock Monkey In Progress

Recently I have been helping some local children to make their amazing Sock Monkeys for the Sock Monkeys for Sandy Victims  🙂

Gretchen Miller  with her great Art Therapy Collective 6 Degrees of Creativity is gathering all the fab delegates to send to the Boys and Girls Club of Hoboken , New Jersey!

The process is till unfolding, since more children want to take part….Little by little all the Sock Monkeys will be ready for the big adventure of Sock Monkey LOVE!!!!

It’s beautiful to see how children let go of everything and help each other venturing in this great task for a wonderful cause!!!!

They seem little elves at work creating these beautiful Sock Monkeys, real characters reflecting their imagination….They are thrilled about the journey ahead of these new creations….

I am still gathering the delegation of Sockmonkeys…some still work in progress, some patiently waiting for their transatlantic journey…..

OSM delgation from cl 1 to 3 Pete

OSM delegation from cl 1 to 3 Pete

OSM  delegation cl 5 pete

OSM delegation cl 5 Pete

I will update soon on the process of OSM from this side!!!

Feel free to join me in mid-week pondering posts, just leave a link to your posts:)
You can also use the image below if you like, just link it to this blog, thanks!

mid-week pondering


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