Another week in Mandalas: Resting in the Darkness

The next stage began following wonderful artist & teacher  Joy Hellman and her course on Mandala for Self Discovery and Expression…

My journey through self and world…the exploration of the connections between inner scapes and outer ones continues in a discovery that unfolds through the process of making mandalas

The week started as usual for me: getting adjusted to constantly changing environments and use what could be found around…Since for my first one I could not get to create a dark surface to work on… I had the idea to create an alternative texture background….Then working from that the journey started to unfold by itself …just following my intuition…

Amazingly, the process was telling me a story…the more I was following it, the more it made sense and of course it became clear that it was my story….Even though I was roughly following the process about creating and repeating shapes…One important principle I follow came through: Acceptance….Thus, Love for Imperfection, and uniqueness imprinted within everything…The title was just creating itself….


Funny enough for the next steps I improvised even more and found two “found” hard resin boards… They were black and waiting for me to become something else:)

So after finding materials to draw on them … Monochromatic approaches to the world from within and letting it take me through inner scapes….



Eventually I  managed to get some black cardboard to continue the journey…

While trying to centre myself , feel & connect inner and outer energy …


Then a beautiful re-connecting moment with a distance wonderful journey of mine with the Aborigines in the Australian Outback …And my inspired art-making sharing an important link…


I continued to follow the process, curious to see where my intuition would take me…

The vibrant dynamic creation through colors and shadows  just got me so reabsorbed within…


Finally last week journey reconnecting all the steps of those little discoveries made through each mandala, digging deeper and louder after planting each seed….

Regardless of forms, shapes, rules, colors, techniques or instruction….

The free flow will lead and it is ready to explore whatever will happen within the connecting branches….




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lindsay
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 10:16:17

    It’s so nice to see the story behind your process. These mandalas are so expressive!


  2. Théa Oz
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 19:14:49

    It’s nice to read about your thoughts at the time of making them.
    Thanks for sharing !


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