Passing on the creative energy :)

This week prompt over at  the Circle of Art wonderfully catches the essence of creativity….

So amazing to see and experience how creativity is embracing endless possibilities and forms 🙂

Mr. Einstein and other great inspiring figures just got it so spot on….

It goes beyond art and in a way it simply encompasses life!!!

I have gone through some of my adventure journals and I love how this photo capture some aspects of this message:)

Japcreativity passon

Creativity is really contagious…

I just had a wonderful reminder yesterday while I was working on some creative notes for a project inspired by #26 acts of kindness…(which inspired some great projects with some local community groups and my little personal contribution of random monthly act : Every month I randomly deliver some positive notes where ever I happen to be….)

Last month it was fun…my notes were based on the theme of LOVE…Hoping that it would bring a smile to whoever opened them!  This month I have been focusing on the theme of HOPE… since I was a little behind with busy schedule I took them around with me so to finish them…Yesterday while I was waiting for a train that was delayed I met  few awesome  kiddos that came by and asked what I was doing…and within few seconds we were all making those little notes together…

Create, share and spread the energy!!!!


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  1. Petrea
    Apr 01, 2013 @ 16:08:07

    What wonderfully creative adventures Lizzie! Thanks for sharing the 26 acts of kindness link- it’s such a great idea!


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