Continuing the journey through mandalas: Growing from the Seeds

It is a superbusy time in life and also super exciting week 3 of this speacial journey through Mandalas…

I managed to get around my process while on the go and improvise even more!

The focus last week was on planting the seed and identifying with the seed ….

My first mandala last week started with a wonderful personal journey through childhood memories….It was time to play and let the seed take me through the process….The joyful seed was planted and sprouting shapes and patterns unfolded along with autobiographical memories and dreams….


The continuing evolving shapes of my recent mandalas intrigued me… even though I would read and try to start to work from a circle or get to that shape ….things would just take over most of the time…It’s such an adventurous journey and intuition is taking the lead and questions come later LOL:)

So I next I decide to take a cardboard shape I made and use it as the seed to explore evolutions and see what would happen…Incredible energetic scapes blurred out of my imagination and it was just so cool to venture down that road…The process of my evolution, the  possibilities, my becoming….


And then again just being free to explore whatever resonates with me at the time…

The energy and the patterns and colors emanating from inner roads guided this other mandala…

This made me understand more about my unpredictable, asymmetric and unique  shapes and forms that evolve and propagate outwards…Even though the journey starts within it opens up and connects outwards…


Well, I also wanted to explore the strong bound with nature and the organic elements…and try out new materials creating texture and surfaces to play and connect…It is time for sprouting, emerging, germinating connecting all elements….

The passion for mixed media anda little  extravaganza joined the adventure:)


After pondering on nature and its magic, the infinite possibilities evolving into gardens and flowers….The magic happens from being hidden in dark soil and come out to the bright sunlight…..

Reconnecting and celebrating the journey of growth….


Transformation is a fantastic essential process of life that unfolds into new ways and offers different perspectives…the inside is still there nourishing and changing waiting to get to the surface and join the outside re-forming and re-emerging….


I guess my last mandala of week 3 was gathering all the different insightful experiences of the journey and the mandala brought  them together in yet another interesting way….


Thank you  artist & teacher Joy Hellman for this great adventure in your course on Mandala for Self Discovery and Expression…

mid-week pondering


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Wendy
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 22:11:49

    Hi Lizzie, your work and words reflect your inner journey with such delightful depth and lbeautiful light … So good to b on Joys mandala journeys with you. Namaste from Tasmania and autumn … Wendy


  2. Monica
    Apr 06, 2013 @ 00:24:35

    Myteriously beautiful yet revelatory.


  3. joyofartstudio
    Nov 24, 2014 @ 09:49:27

    Lizzie I posted your mandala work and link to your blog on my new WordPress Joy’s creative space if you want to take a look am also doing an online workshop in 2015 if you want to check it out. Joy


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