My Mandala Journey continues adventuring through the Spiral

The new phase of the mandala adventure focuses on the spiral….

A very intriguing thing, not so easy to define really since it encompasses so many aspects of life and it is everywhere 🙂

So many ways to define the spiral… in terms of a curve, a sequence like the  fibonacci sequence, the golden rule, a growing dudle pattern, a symbol, a recurrent form or shape in everyday life…

What strikes me is the most amazing common feature within the structure of the spiral : the way something starts from the central point and progresses around it, expanding and radiating…

I started thinking about the connection with nature…

I ended up blending my thoughts and perceptions through my photography….In particular I decided not to touch or alter my photos, rather focus on the raw material…

hay spiral1wk4

It was so great to look around while pondering on the ideas of the spiral and explore within the everyday life… It is easy to see how things are indeed  interconnected.


Considering how we perceive and engage with our surroundings and this is how we “know” the world around us….Somehow inner and outer worlds connects through the spiral… Therefore we take part in the process…It is fascinating how macro and micro levels are interconnected ….

Then the artist within could not resist the urge to play with organic materials and bringing the studio outdoor…with endless colours, possibilities and textures…


Exploring perception from within and focusing on how things unfold… becoming aware of the active role when  engaging in creativity with nature….

Giving space to imagination further great organic material were discovered such as wood backgrounds from the forest and overlaying a peculiar texture from plants…

I was so immersed in my new playground that shapes and patterns unfolded connecting remote points of my imagination.


Nature kept suggesting more organic materials and colours and how elements can be invented, reinvented generating new landscapes which change within their ephemeral duration….

flower mandala5wk4

The creative force continues through the different stages and evolves re-creating and re-shaping …

Just perceiving the spiral as the mysteriously beautiful dynamic shape embodied in living things and in things we create too:)


The last mandala was inspired by my week 4 discoveries and a great art prompt by Art Therapy Alliance of  Day 5  Art Therapy Challenge : Make a mandala with your favorite art materials…

Well, I used when I had with me since I was traveling… and my intuition led the way….Only later when looking back I realised that it is evoking the growth of the spiral connecting inner and outer spaces through myself, others and the world…Behaviours, emotions, feelings, actions constitute the human connection with nature and make the world as we know it…Therefore even our thoughts and ideas become part of the spiral….

I just think that the title that came to mind explains it in a great way: “Connecting the Fabric of the World”.

mandala fabric of teh world7wk4

I am looking forward to continue the adventure in this journey through Mandalas.

Thank you great artist & teacher Joy Hellman for this great adventure in your course on Mandala for Self Discovery and Expression…

mid-week pondering


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  1. bethrommel
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 16:40:42

    So lovely seeing the different materials in the spiral. Beautiful!


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