14 Secrets’ Fun Monday Challenge #1

It’s Monday and over at 14 Secrets there is Fun Monday Challenge #1…Just making my day!!!

Check out  Lani’s awesome post:

I particularly connect with what she says : ” and then think about times in your life when things were not “going well” and that some how grabbing the art materials at hand was a huge help. You made good art, maybe not art that others would look at as good, (that doesn’t matter) but art that you look at and feel satisfied. There’s an inner dialogue with your inner artist, and there’s a feeling of understanding and being understood.”

So in essence WE ALL MAKE GOOD ART ALWAYS and at any time in our life is time to make art!!! It’s like claiming back your right to follow your intuition and create…Take a moment, drop whatever you are up to in life, and make art…Allow yourself to create something…

I also think that creativity can take so many interesting paths and forms…so for some it flows through words, ideas, notes and even numbers:) Just claim a minute-corner for yourself  and let your flow to take the lead…be adventurous!!

So my journal page about a new story, a special queen…  inspired by this creativity flow:)


So what is your response, if you feel like sharing via blogs or on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge



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