Fun Monday Challenge #2 : put on your seven-league boots!

OMG…..This week challenge is beyond awesome!!!

It  allows you to claim your time to be  in that special zone  …. Just be and let go of words and explore the process in the brain where “creative magic” just flows ……And of course there is a great suggested way to try out via the seven-league boots in a new special way:)

Here is my response!


You definitely got to have a go and check the amazing and very resourceful post over at 14 Secrets where Lani Gerity  shares great information and ideas!!!

Here is the challenge:

” So here’s the Monday Challenge, we’ll be engaging that magical quiet, engaging that magical quiet, creative place and doing this according to great suggestions of  either the listening to your heart beat, or the “seven league boots” exercise. So before beginning call to mind a puzzle, a difficulty, a concern that your mind has been working on with the verbal side of your brain. Just one will do for this exercise. Then proceed to the breathing and listening cycles (see above) or to the “seven league boots”. Once your mind is quiet, try creating some art from that space. Let it stay very intuitive.

When you are finished, look at your art piece and look for the symbols of the solutions to the puzzle or difficulty. The creative, quiet mind speaks in metaphor and symbols. It may take a minute or two to see them, but they are there. Our wisdom is within us!

Feel free to share your work or play on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool. ”



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