Belated Fun Monday Challenge #8 meeting mid-week pondering: the Power of Now


Here we go again with my messy week schedule where Monday merge into Thursdays:)

This week 14 Secrets’ Monday Fun Challenge #8 hosted by Susanna Suchak is just so special…

As she beautifully says… “Mindfulness and self-compassion are my areas of growth for the present moment and the present moment is the only one we’ve got. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, this life in which you find yourself incarnated, is all you have; this present moment is yours to savour and to learn from.”

Thank you Susanna for the most wonderful assignment ever: “Just for today try to be more in the present moment, not letting goals – yours or someone else’s – get in the way of the wonder that resides in that unique and fleeting space in your life. Tonight, write or sketch about that in your journal and smile, enjoying that presence and that moment twice in your life.”

Here is my reminder of that moment….

the power of now

Well I think that what Susanna says is so true and precious…Each of us is blessed with the gift of mindfulness and self-compassion….By practicing mindfulness we get to really appreciate the moment of now, escaping time and space and everything in life as we know it….In that moment everything becomes still, even time escapes the boundaries we usually attribute to it…No matter how long that moment really is, it assumes a very different essence in which we are able to focus and be completely who we are as we are and apply full self-compassion…

Just sharing some of my special moments today….


I believe that mindfulness and self-compassion are something that we can cultivate and slowly it becomes a constant in the life we live… In a way through mindfulness and self-compassion is what allows us to understand and appreciate who we are in this life at the present moment of being, becoming and evolving…


Thank you for the links and inspiration Susanna! I first discovered mindfulness in early mediation practices of different kinds and I got so interested as it connects deeply with our way of being in the world and truly open our view and reminds us of human life as part of the world we are in. In particular I found Thich Nhat Hanh works, writing and practice very interesting and so many others like Sharon Salzberg “Loving-kindness The Revolutionary Art of Happiness”.

mid-week pondering


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