Magical Tour of Life inspired by the journey with Kiss of the Muse

Life got extremely hectic this summer luckily we get more sunshine and incredible energy to be super active:)

Recently I have been experiencing another amazing creative journey with Joy Hellman and her inspiring creative pilot course Kiss of the Muse…

In this creative journey once the seed is planted things just start blooming and connect through different parts of life and with the life of others.


A nice mantra I came across while traveling through East Asia came to mind so I revisited and altered my original shot….


The more I ponder on my creative concos, I experience and share creative moments and appreciate wonderful creations by others I feel that the special link that in many ways encompasses us all..we are all one through our subjective unique way of being and creating….

This painting was inspired by my progress through this new exciting adventure with Joy and the group Kiss of the Muse…

magicaltour of life

Another interesting idea that came up was that of photojournaling…well I have been kinda addicted to that for a long while now 🙂 and while before I was digitizing and archiving everything these days I find that some social media like Instagram can be used as  tools  to create and share a piece of our world… Or Pinterest where one can make, share and partecipate in collective visual boards …

If you want to see the world from my perspective you can find me @lizzieartnsurf on Instagram and Lizzie Bellotto on Pinterest, what does your world look like?

mid-week pondering

Have a great day world!


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  1. joyofartstudio
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 11:31:35

    Lizzie Thanks so much for your comment and I am so thrilled that you are with us… I love your seed mandala and I hope that you join in on the Mindful Photography… I actually took the project one step further.I used the objects to journal. I found that doing that brought me into a deeper place tan just photographing the objects. they took on a sacredness as I remebered what their connection and meaning was… It was amazing. Iwill post what I wrote later on… I know as you are so reflective this will be something that you will enjoy and benefit as you journey with the photographed objects.. I also want o use the objects in a collage and will post that… artfully yours, Joy


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