Weekend reflection: celebrating Eudomonic happiness

I am catching up with  creative concos and ideas and this weekend I have been exploring the awesome Fun Monday Challenge #20 – Eudomonic happiness  by Lani Gerity over at 14 Secrets. 


As usual Lani Gerity is a super amazing source of ideas connecting to fab research and studies in positive psychology, neuroscience and the great creative power of art making!!! As I love those field and how current science is backing up the power of happy vibes I encourage you to check out the great links Lani mentions in her post. In particular genetic response to different types of happiness is beyond fascinating and bring closer science and creativity.

The differentiation between hedonic and eudomonic happiness is a very interesting point and I went to read this good articleON HAPPINESS AND HUMAN POTENTIALS: A Review of Research on Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being in the Annual Review of Psychology (Deci & Ryan, 2001). Hedonic happiness is based on the subjective standpoint in which  happiness is achieved by positive affection and satisfying cognition, for example in getting something that makes one feel good. While eudomonic happiness relies on the fundamentals of  humanistic psychology: self actualization and fulfillment result in happiness as a byproduct of the process of pursuing eudomonic goals.

Lani’s post refers to Frederickson studies (Frederickson et al., 2013) amazingly showing how eudomonic happiness (the happiness of “doing good” and “finding a purpose”) has a profound genetic impact in which well-being is triggered by the experience of eudonomic happiness.

I love how Lani take this information one step further and make an art challenge:

“Create an envelope or container of some sort that can fit in your bag or purse, and in this keep ATC’s (there are a few posts right here on ATC cards), simple moo cards, or even simple inspiring quotes on card stock.  Then when you are in some public place you can leave a gift, a bit of guerilla art, or a random act of art kindness.  You will be creating the happiness of doing good art, AND you can create genetic changes with your Eudomonic Happy Art (Guerilla Art).”

How cool is that?!!? Revolutionizing the environments you come across instilling happy vibes doing good and feeling awesome:) So get get your best tools out to make this happen and share happiness!!!


The most amazing thing here that all you need really is to bring about your creative side and adventure in creating and sharing good… Personally I see this going way beyond art making but as an essential rule in life to expand happy vibes to the max and create positive energy all around!!!

So what do you think?!! Please feel free to share your thoughts, idea and ways in which you think this challenge can expand!!!! Feel free to share your work or play on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool


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