Happy Solstice!

Today it is a special day where we get to feel and appreciate our deep connection with the planet. It is so awesome to connect with the energy and vibes of everything around and tune into inner wisdom …..

I have encountered some amazing celebrations…mantra, meditations, music, art and dance ….Now even in cyber space people manage to connect and share their vibes and thoughts….I am grateful to connect with  this beautiful energy that transcends time and space. Thank you everyone for tuning into this amazing portal where the planet loudly dialogues with us!!!


“The change in the Sun’s relationship with the planet has a significant impact on the lives of people, particularly for those who inhabit the region of the earth between eighteen degrees to forty-eight degrees north latitude, because this part of the earth gets the maximum impact in this shifting. A human being cannot escape anything that happens to the planet – because what we call as “myself” is just a piece of this planet, and a more sensitive and far more receptive part of the planet than what is there as earth. So whatever happens to the planet will happen a thousand-fold more within the human system.”  Shaman Bhola Nath Banstola 


Appreciating evolution of life through the solstice is magical….

The most precious gift….

Enjoy and share the gifts of light:)


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