Tuning in Our Inner Guru

Today I came across a great post by amazing Cara Wilde: How To Recognise Your Truth .

Cara suggests a very interesting and practical exercise to get to know our real self and know if we are speaking our truth. This process of knowing when body and mind are aligned by listening to our body reaction  is very supportive in times of confusions when doubts overshadows the heart… Taking time to listen to our body feelings and reaction we are able to recognize our truth and “know”…

Thank you Cara for this practice helping to tune in our inner guru!!!

Interestingly my response to the Circle of Art prompt reconnects with the reflection on tuning in the inner guru:)


If you would like to join us over at the  Virtual Art Circle you can get to  Virtual Art Circle on Facebook  follow the link and request to join! Petrea will add you:)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sue Dreamwalker
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:28:02

    Catching up on my email box Lizzie. 🙂 and I agree here with Cara. we should seek out our Inner Guru of what feels right, and follow our intuitions… All too often we blinding follow other ‘Guru’ types trusting in what they say and believing regardless of whether we know it to be Truth or not..
    I am often reminded of Gossips! who upon hearing news repeat it often embellishing it.. And have not a clue if its correct or not… This is how I perceive certain Guru types to be… We should always seek out knowledge for ourselves and I am often saying upon my own posts.. Believe not one word I say.. But go and find out for yourselves…
    What is my truth today can alter tomorrow..We all only make our perceptions upon the knowledge we are aware of and given at the time.. And given a new set of para-dimes we can then alter what we perceive as truth 🙂

    I hope you have a brilliant day and forthcoming weekend xx Blessings and Hugs Sue


    • artevolutions
      Jan 23, 2014 @ 17:15:22

      Hi Sue,
      wow you are way ahead of me catching up:)
      I like how you gently remind us to listen to ourselves rather than voices, people, news….
      And yeah the evolution of consciousness shows us that we have infinite potential 🙂
      have a great Friday and weekend my friend!


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