Update from the journey: meet PETE NGO and my super idea:) Please give me a hand!

Hi everyone everywhere,

I hope life is treating you well and that the sun is shining and the moon glowing:)

As usual I fell behind with my blog updates as things in India can get quite hectic…not to mention the heat wave that is bringing boiling temperatures in most states…. In spite of the heat I have experienced, exploring and getting insight into what it often feels another world…





Through my volunteering experience with PETE India NGO working in its schools in the slums of New Delhi I have discovered the most amazing, inspiring and happy children and people….It is utterly amazing how real happiness doesn’t cost anything and people in the slums constantly remind you that. I feel so honored to have been given a chance to interact with kids and girls in the school, bring my creative input and help them foster their imagination as “only sky is the limit”.






I spent time with the locals and I got to meet the families and special needs children in the slums….My heart was filled with joy by those encounters and by being able to make art and spend time with those children who are beyond amazing. Because of their special needs conditions and that there is no infrastructure nor knowledge in the families on how to handles them I feel something has to be done to improve the quality of life of those children and their families. I think opening a new PETE Special Needs School would totally make an impact and go a long way. Therefore I had this idea to fundraise to help set up and run the school for the first year.

So I am launching a fundraiser campaign on indiegogo click link below for more details:)

 PETE School for Special Needs Children



Not everyone can travel and often when we face different realities in third world countries it is difficult to find a way to actively do something….So I was thinking how nice it would be if everyone could take a little part in this…just  like giving up a little something in your everyday life can be anything like your treat of tea/coffee or something bigger like a perk or a larger contribution…whatever you feel like….anything could go along way in this project…. So what do you say are you in?


Sandeep and all other special needs children, their families and community would have a wonderful chance of a brighter happier future and we can make that happen….I believe this project is the most special gift for them:)











2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sue Dreamwalker
    May 29, 2014 @ 10:18:49

    Lizzie, you are an inspiration, . An amazing post, Amazing photo’s and an Amazing Project… Sending you love and well wishes your way… ( You are looking Happy and great too )
    Love Sue xox


  2. Sue Dreamwalker
    Sep 06, 2014 @ 09:20:59

    I still love your smile along with all the other smiling faces here Lizzie.. Much Love xox Sue


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