Random Acts of Art Adventure: Super-charged from powerful creative buzz from the traveling art pouch

A while back I joined an interesting creative adventure organised by board certified art therapist and certified trauma consultant  Gretchen Miller. The project involves a special Random Acts of ART Pouch touching several destinations globally and connecting creatives…

It was such a surprise to receive it after it traveled such a long way…It reached so many art corners and within its content much art was/is and will be shared!!! Finally the Random Acts of Art Adventure touched based in my creative space last week….super exciting!!! It was incredible to find so much goodness in it…There is the pouch’s fascinating journal/passport and then every single item is so infused with creative spirit that is way too contagious…Is beyond amazing to think about how many artists, places this special art pouch has reached and inspired… Being able to connect to those vibes is incredible!!!



Discovering the content of the art pouch and going through its passport is so inspiring… every single bit comes from someone who has been creating before with its content and followed the philosophy of practicing random acts of art..

I received something special that Bernadette in Cambridgeshire did for me….beautiful!!!

I was so super-charged by this contagious energy that I created few things….

….A page in the pouch passport…


Then I made a sort of mandala/art mantra for Michela waiting for the pouch next:)


And while I was making something else…an unfolding love letter/note using cards and other material from the pouch…I came across someone who really needed it…so I took on this idea a little further and now I create some artsy notes to cheer up people who need it most and drop them randomly in community places I know …


And so the random acts of art continue!!!!



Thank you Gretchen and everyone on this great inspiring adventure of practicing random acts of art!




A special artistic collaboration nurturing the spirit of SPIRAL CHANNELS

It was so great to connect with inspiring artist, friend and mother Abha Bhagwat .

It is so wonderful how things brought us together… From initial cyber interactions while following an on-line course on intuitive painting hosted by amazing Petrea Hansen Adamidis based in Toronto, Canada….My recent whereabouts in India finally made us meet in person, connect and create together!!!

Her work and environment is bursting with creative ideas that just keep flowing and are so contagious:) It was an honor taking part in art workshops and experience her artwork. The amazing creative boost and the wonderful artistic environment outside the box just made me want to share the experience and this great connection….

I really wanted to introduce Abha to the amazing creative network of SPIRAL CHANNELS  I am part of (an international intercultural and interdisciplinary project in constant evolution).  So here it is a collaborative artwork celebrating the process and connection of two artists coming from different worlds yet finding a familiar ground to express and explore inner worlds….

I look forward to do more artwork with Abha and to see her over at the SPIRAL CHANNELS.…a great community where creative collaborations flourish and bring together inspiring people from all over the world… A great project by artist Vlado Franjevic

Painting_AbhaLizzie_SmallAbha and Lizzie’s Painting celebrating the spirit of Spiral Channels Pune, India, Spring 2014

A creative manifesto & sharing good vibes to create more happiness!


Oh yes tackling the Fun Monday Challenge #34 – What is your creative manifesto  in the middle of the week..Awesome 🙂

Lani’s great idea to pass on is to create a manifesto and share it with the world…

My manifesto is a little scroll carrying the nice whispers of the magic story “Le Petit Prince” by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry … We are reminded that our heart can see through the invisible and it can take us where our eyes can’t:)

“On ne voit qu’avec le coeur l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux” 

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


And today Lani shares another super inspiring post inviting us to spread secretly positive vibes: ” Secretly find two people (could be strangers) to wish well, to hope their suffering be lessened, or that they be happy.”

Top secret way to have a happy life (#30 out of a thousand)

Beyond amazing….It is so beautiful how positive energy changes physical reality!!!! So please get going and share some goodness 🙂

As usual feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our  Flickr pool


mid-week pondering

ATC reminder: Breathe Laugh Enjoy


Some times juggling elements of life can be quite hectic… Then when taking a mindful moment it all seem so quiet and still…The world around us changes constantly and we do as well in some way as part of a process…While I was pondering on that I came across Lani’s Fun Monday Challenge #28 – Surprise others with humor and goodwill  

Check out Lani’s post and fab artwork blooming from seeds of the deck of inspiration cards Plant Seeds and Pick the Blooms by Lynne Franks … Super inspiring sources shared by Lani….

So following Lani’s awesome art directive of creating a piece of art to surprise oneself and others with humor and goodwill I got to play and create this ATC… a reminder of some basic survival tools to brighten up and can change moments 🙂


Please feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

mid-week pondering

Create Enjoy the most Magic Adventure of Life


I have not been able to follow the inspiring Fun Monday Challenge prompts recently over at 14 secrets… finally getting to check them out…:)

I got to Fun Monday Challenge #26 – Enjoy the Subversive Qualities of Intrinsic Rewards

where the amazing focus is on the power to create inner satisfaction and intrinsic reward….How cool is that???!! Seriously Lani is amazing gathering the most essential and special wisdom to nurture our innermost creativity of the artist within!!!

Make sure to check Lani’s post with amazing resources and useful links…She invites us in this great challenge:

“to create an art piece that includes appreciation for things that might not necessarily bring you external rewards like money or fame, but that surely bring you inner satisfaction.  And then once the piece is complete practice Rick Hanson‘s technique of “taking in the good” (it’s good for the neural pathways, believe me) and sit with it for a minute, appreciating it, enjoying your ability to appreciate things.”

How awesome is that??!!! Thank you Lani you rock:)

So I got to play with fabric and stitching this time:)


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One : inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #22 – Collage Fun


Last week Lani’s 14 secrets Fun Monday Challenge #22  suggested to make a collage celebrating our most important values…

So I created this collage as my reminder to tune into my hearth, breathe and live from there connecting to the world:)


What are you most important value that you want to use as a special reminder?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, idea and ways in which you think this challenge can expand!!!! Feel free to share your work or play on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

Tapping into Imagination Growing Beautiful Wings! Inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #19

This was inspired by the Fun Monday Challenge #19 – How do you grow your wings? over at 14 Secrets:)


Well, I think that growing wings is a fascinating topic!!!

Getting into the creative flow is something very special and that requires special tapping into imagination and intuition:)

How do you tap into yours? Let’s share ways to grow wings and get inspired:)
Feel free to share your work on Instagram #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool.

Fun art scavenger inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #18 – A Scavenger Challenge

This was inspired by the 14 Secrets Fun Monday Challenge #18


Have fun and as always feel free to share on Instagram by adding tag #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool.

Soul Care: Grow With Love inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #16


Last week Fun Monday Challenge #16 – Vision Box by Catherine Anderson was just awesome!!!

Make sure to check Lani’s post over at 14 Secrets where she tells beautifully how she got the idea to create a vision box inspired by Catherine Anderson:)

It  reminded me of a cool project I did a while back for a collected exhibition and project called Secret Box…

totoro's box2012

“Totoro’s box”, mixed media, 2012  Lizzie Bellotto
This secret box celebrates the creativity and imagination and function as a totem for inspiration and hiding place from everyday life. It has the magic property of freezing time and space and gently reminds of the beauty within the moment. Totoro, the spirit of the forest only visible to children, proudly guards this box and children take amazing journeys while discovering it.

The Fun Monday Challenge #16 reminded me of the magic of my “Totoro’s Box”…

So I went on a quest to find a box to adapt… I also wanted the box to be something I would use…. and while I was just contemplating that idea I just looked at my artist’s box, my survival kit on the go…what a perfect box:) So my vision box is also something that travels along with me….

Even though I started off with different techniques in mind once again I had to face reality and be practical… I could not adventure in the great world of photo transfer, which I really like, but opt for collage due to settings…It took me a while but here is my vision box: “Soul Care: Grow with Love”.

soulcare gow with love vision box

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My Open Ticket :)

This artwork was inspired by two amazing artists:  Gretchen Miller  and Lani Gerity Glanville!

This week 14 secrets fun challenge is about creating our own open tickets through our creativity..

So here we go exploring a magical journey where everything is possible!

My Open Ticket  started from my collage and mixed media assemble made a while ago… This time its journey got expanded,  altered, reinvented and the magic trough art continues …


What about your open ticket?!?  Come and play and share your work if you like with 14 Secrets on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool.

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