Find Stillness Within :)

Once more I am learning about patience, vulnerability, sickness, struggle and resilience…

In the mist of chaos in surroundings, I was reminded by mindful meditation that I can still find stillness, bringing mindful attention to the here and now and reach deep awareness of body and mind….

Finding a balance and aiming at wellbeing is the mission:)

13254788_1351582561548896_3304135447298838042_oGreat image from Spirit Science! This is a great recipe:)

Have a great week and be mindful!



What is your guiding word for the year? Let’s join the REVOLUTION from the HEART:)

As I was pondering on some topics on conscious evolution and a fab moment of synchronicity led me to the beautiful post by amazing and inspiring Sue Dreamwalker: Connection via the matrix !!! Sue explains and illustrate so well how everything is connected and how through our own process of evolution we can awaken to the Truth…We then have the resources to experience and explore the world as it really is rather than how we have been told to believe.. Once we get to feel the Energy and its flow we get to know the interlinked pathways of the “WEB”… Have a look at Sue great post explaining Energy Grids –Ley Lines and vortexes and how outer energy of the planet connects with our inner energy of ourselves….This even connects with yesterday’s post as our inner energy can affect the outer one and the other way around:) Looking inward to change outward

More and more people feel the global SHIFT in consciousness, we go through few energetic shifts in consciousness in our personal evolution and this is contributing to the collective evolution…It is said that we are moving towards moments of bigger shifts within the passing of physical time we perceive on the planet.

Recently I was asked whether I have a word for the new year… Time in the physical dimension is so relative…In fact some (me included) are still waiting for the new year LOL 🙂 The thing is that a guiding word, or rather the feeling of it found me… So FLOWING is the word that found me before I could even think about it….The beautiful free flow of Qi, experienced through Qi Gong, is re-connecting the balance of flowing energy in myself, towards others and the earth. By unblocking energy points, emotions feelings and everything is FLOWING. This process fosters creativity, positive thinking, feelings and actions, raising vibrations and enabling to experience and understand that WE ARE ONE. Since everything is connected so are our words and intentions….


So what is your guiding word, what word has found you?

Enjoy the journey and whatever comes across your path:)

As Sue reminds us we can direct our energy to bring balance on the planet… Mass Consciousness facilitates major change and we see that in our recent history.

Dr. Hawkins and his research show how the higher vibration of Love promotes conscious evolution and brings positive changes.  

Sue invites us to join and connect via the Grid to open our heart and connect it to the world to send Love…

Let’s join the REVOLUTION from the HEART:)

Tapping into Imagination Growing Beautiful Wings! Inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #19

This was inspired by the Fun Monday Challenge #19 – How do you grow your wings? over at 14 Secrets:)


Well, I think that growing wings is a fascinating topic!!!

Getting into the creative flow is something very special and that requires special tapping into imagination and intuition:)

How do you tap into yours? Let’s share ways to grow wings and get inspired:)
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Fun art scavenger inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #18 – A Scavenger Challenge

This was inspired by the 14 Secrets Fun Monday Challenge #18


Have fun and as always feel free to share on Instagram by adding tag #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool.

Belated Fun Monday Challenge #8 meeting mid-week pondering: the Power of Now


Here we go again with my messy week schedule where Monday merge into Thursdays:)

This week 14 Secrets’ Monday Fun Challenge #8 hosted by Susanna Suchak is just so special…

As she beautifully says… “Mindfulness and self-compassion are my areas of growth for the present moment and the present moment is the only one we’ve got. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, this life in which you find yourself incarnated, is all you have; this present moment is yours to savour and to learn from.”

Thank you Susanna for the most wonderful assignment ever: “Just for today try to be more in the present moment, not letting goals – yours or someone else’s – get in the way of the wonder that resides in that unique and fleeting space in your life. Tonight, write or sketch about that in your journal and smile, enjoying that presence and that moment twice in your life.”

Here is my reminder of that moment….

the power of now

Well I think that what Susanna says is so true and precious…Each of us is blessed with the gift of mindfulness and self-compassion….By practicing mindfulness we get to really appreciate the moment of now, escaping time and space and everything in life as we know it….In that moment everything becomes still, even time escapes the boundaries we usually attribute to it…No matter how long that moment really is, it assumes a very different essence in which we are able to focus and be completely who we are as we are and apply full self-compassion…

Just sharing some of my special moments today….


I believe that mindfulness and self-compassion are something that we can cultivate and slowly it becomes a constant in the life we live… In a way through mindfulness and self-compassion is what allows us to understand and appreciate who we are in this life at the present moment of being, becoming and evolving…


Thank you for the links and inspiration Susanna! I first discovered mindfulness in early mediation practices of different kinds and I got so interested as it connects deeply with our way of being in the world and truly open our view and reminds us of human life as part of the world we are in. In particular I found Thich Nhat Hanh works, writing and practice very interesting and so many others like Sharon Salzberg “Loving-kindness The Revolutionary Art of Happiness”.

mid-week pondering

Fun Monday Challenge #5: Finding & creating with the sky


The 14 Secrets’ Fun Monday Challenge #5: Finding treasure, creating delight

Lani Glanville put together a beautiful challenge for this week:)

She based it on the work of  Christopher Germer and suggested :
” Would you like to experience self-compassionate joy for 20 minutes? Take a 15-30 minute pleasure walk outside. This works best if you can take the walk in nature but any walk will do. The idea behind the walk is to notice as many pleasurable things as possible, slowly, one after another. Use all your senses—sight, smell, sound, touch…maybe even taste.”

Then bring the magic to the art space…make something inspired by this adventure:)

Well what a wonderful idea…practicing mindfulness and appreciation…reconnecting the world out there starting from within!

Here is the artsy result of this adventure:


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Fun Monday Challenge #4 : New Things Through Mindful Gazing

As usual Lani Gerity brights up Mondays and shares great ideas that promote creativity, positive thinking and connections to the world around us! Today she reminds us about mindfulness in terms of looking for new things within the moment…An exciting process of discovering and learning improving our attention…check out her fantastic post over at 14 Secrets with links to great info about the research of Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer and a great post about the power and excitement of looking mindfully at the sky in search for the stars!

Here is this week challenge:

“Go out your door and find five new things, or find five new things about the person you are closest with (or the person you are least close with). This should result in interest, excitement and elevated positive brain chemistry. Try working these new things into an art piece. ”

It’s such an interesting approach to extend to everyday life…This kind of mindfulness is really energetic and reminds us that there are so many perspectives and nuances in life and paying attention just brings new insights:)

So here we go….my adventure for this challenge….


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Fun Monday Challenge #3 : Sekai Gratitude

And the adventure continues with the Fun Monday 14 Secrets Challenge 🙂

” This week’s challenge is about gratitude, from finding little things in our environment to be grateful for, to the bigger things like pets, art making, friends and family.

Challenge: Take any or all of the above ideas and reflect on them in an art piece. Try going into that quiet inner space while doing this.”

I think it is  such a wonderful reminder that gently puts emphasis on the joy within the moment and the appreciation of little things that change us and the world around us…Happiness, empathy and gratitude are contagious and by changing our neural mechanisms, then it results in  positive attitude and approach to our environment…The power of these positive experiences not only changes interesting pathways from within but also creates a positive energy that we cannot help but share and grow…

So by picking a beautiful aspect/object/event to focus on and allow ourself to go to the quiet  inner space…let’s create from there!!!

Here is my response…


Based on a beautiful japanese concept …Sekai (世界 ) = (the world, the earth, the whole earth, globe, universe, realm, field, land…) so much connects and evolve around it…For me Sekai is a connecting spiral  web, where small and little acts/events of gratitude and appreciation generate more and connect people, things and stuff in the world we are part of…It’s a forever growing and evolving energy that comes from within and radiates outwards….

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Fun Monday Challenge #2 : put on your seven-league boots!

OMG…..This week challenge is beyond awesome!!!

It  allows you to claim your time to be  in that special zone  …. Just be and let go of words and explore the process in the brain where “creative magic” just flows ……And of course there is a great suggested way to try out via the seven-league boots in a new special way:)

Here is my response!


You definitely got to have a go and check the amazing and very resourceful post over at 14 Secrets where Lani Gerity  shares great information and ideas!!!

Here is the challenge:

” So here’s the Monday Challenge, we’ll be engaging that magical quiet, engaging that magical quiet, creative place and doing this according to great suggestions of  either the listening to your heart beat, or the “seven league boots” exercise. So before beginning call to mind a puzzle, a difficulty, a concern that your mind has been working on with the verbal side of your brain. Just one will do for this exercise. Then proceed to the breathing and listening cycles (see above) or to the “seven league boots”. Once your mind is quiet, try creating some art from that space. Let it stay very intuitive.

When you are finished, look at your art piece and look for the symbols of the solutions to the puzzle or difficulty. The creative, quiet mind speaks in metaphor and symbols. It may take a minute or two to see them, but they are there. Our wisdom is within us!

Feel free to share your work or play on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool. ”


14 Secrets’ Fun Monday Challenge #1

It’s Monday and over at 14 Secrets there is Fun Monday Challenge #1…Just making my day!!!

Check out  Lani’s awesome post:

I particularly connect with what she says : ” and then think about times in your life when things were not “going well” and that some how grabbing the art materials at hand was a huge help. You made good art, maybe not art that others would look at as good, (that doesn’t matter) but art that you look at and feel satisfied. There’s an inner dialogue with your inner artist, and there’s a feeling of understanding and being understood.”

So in essence WE ALL MAKE GOOD ART ALWAYS and at any time in our life is time to make art!!! It’s like claiming back your right to follow your intuition and create…Take a moment, drop whatever you are up to in life, and make art…Allow yourself to create something…

I also think that creativity can take so many interesting paths and forms…so for some it flows through words, ideas, notes and even numbers:) Just claim a minute-corner for yourself  and let your flow to take the lead…be adventurous!!

So my journal page about a new story, a special queen…  inspired by this creativity flow:)


So what is your response, if you feel like sharing via blogs or on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge


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