Find Stillness Within :)

Once more I am learning about patience, vulnerability, sickness, struggle and resilience…

In the mist of chaos in surroundings, I was reminded by mindful meditation that I can still find stillness, bringing mindful attention to the here and now and reach deep awareness of body and mind….

Finding a balance and aiming at wellbeing is the mission:)

13254788_1351582561548896_3304135447298838042_oGreat image from Spirit Science! This is a great recipe:)

Have a great week and be mindful!



Inspiration from the circle of art


I still need to update posts from the road…getting there in due time;)

I am  finally able to reconnect with the vibrant energy of inspiring creatives over at the circle of art….I have been travelling and following interesting projects and ideas but I have been missing touching base with amazing people over at the circle of art:)

It is quite interesting bringing that inspiration into the reality I am experiencing at the moment…..Thank you Petrea and everyone at over at the circle of Art!!!

Sending lots of love and sunshine especially to those in cold weather 😉







If you are not already a part of the Virtual Art Circle on Facebook and would like to be, just click on the link and ask to join.

Join Global Gayatri Mantra Meditation: Monday Sept 30, 2013


Weekend greetings to you all:)

The fascinating 21 day mantra meditation journey is finishing tomorrow….

21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey With Deva & Miten

Here are some pages from my journal… My reflections and notes are accompanied with sketches inspired by daily practice and topics..

20130929-210106.jpg        20130929-210122.jpg

20130929-210138.jpg                  20130929-210151.jpg

For me, one of the most amazing thing about meditation, in any of its multiple forms, has such a powerful force to connect and create positive energy… In this particular case whoever embarks on the 21 Day meditation journey evolves together …

It is so incredible to see the impact of collective gatherings creating energy shift  when people join in mediation circles, especially the virtual ones working on global scale…

So if you are in for some magic join tomorrow …Join Global Gayatri Mantra Meditation!!!!


If you want to hear this mantra check out this beautiful video of Deva chanting this mantra around the world!

Tomorrow the Gayatri Mantra will be performed worldwide throughout all corners of the planet by participants of this journey (but anyone else can join) either at 7 am or 7 pm your local time, tuning into this transformative mantra. If you can’t make those local times join the wave whenever you can.

Tune in and contribute to the synchronous wave of chanting this mantra around the world:)


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