The itinerant Travel Bag of Hope: an art journey connecting 14 creative women

I was thinking of incorporating some random acts of kindness through creative projects into my current surroundings while in the Middle East…Sharing is caring and I find that wherever I go it expands the networks within expressive arts therapies, arts and healing communities…
I feel that this could be a little something celebrating the important values of peace, love, gratitude, respect, hope, acceptance and diversity. I got the idea from an amazing previous project by super inspiring art therapist Gretchen Miller and her project: Random Acts of Art adventure traveling pouch that went global.
The aim of the creative random act is to pass on the “Traveling Bag of Hope” with art materials and a little something made for the receiver. Everyone taking part will receive instructions on what/how/whom to send it. The receiver will send me pictures of arrival, creative present made of things inside the bag, add a little something to the bag, do a page in the bag’s traveling art journal and send it off to the next destination:)
Ultimately local artists, art therapists and their communities will be connected and good creative vibes will be spread:)
traveling bag of hope
So the “Traveling Bag of Hope” (something I made with improvised materials) has already made her way from me to Dana Shaham as the second stop and continue the travels further.
Inside among the creative goodness and artsy vibes, there is also a journal in which everyone will contribute:)
Safe happy travels to “Traveling Bag of Hope” and its encounters:)

Joining the Chalk Art wave for Brussels and Humanity

It feels the world is going a little darker with the recent news of Brussels and the trauma and strong emotions that first touched Turkey and now back in Europe in Brussels. Maybe because Europe has been my “home” for such a long time, or maybe because in the continent there is a strong sense of democracy, freedom and coexistence of diversity..Maybe it is because acceptance and existentialism have deep roots..I don’t know I just feel that there is something strong turning the world as we know it upside down…It goes beyond the terrible events happening in Brussels, Paris and France and Turkey..It is something that questions humanity…Art comes to the rescue and while I have been using for myself and in art therapy settings in response to reactions and feelings in light of this event…It has been interesting and uplifting to see how people gathered in Brussels and express through art essential ideas and keep positive in spite of everything.

I feel that even from far away I want to join that chalk art wave and contribute to that loud voice that speaks a deep truth. I started with the dark but then colors emerged and life has shades and humanity has hope.



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P.E.T.E.’s School for Special Children support our Indiegogo project only 21 DAYS LEFT!

Hello everyone:)

I know it has been quite a while…I disappeared from the cyber world but I have been networking and following projects in the world around me:) Finally getting back and it is great to catch up with amazing creatives and inspiring people from all over!


I would like to bring the attention to P.E.T.E. NGO in New Delhi and the project we set up on Indiegogo to open a new school for special children in the slums as time is running out…ONLY 21 DAYS!!! Please help us make this project a reality!!!

Directly from P.E.T.E. UPDATE

“Introducing our newest project….. P.E.T.E.’s School for Special Children

We want to provide a safe place where children with special needs can

learn and grow. One volunteer, Lizzie, was inspired by a child named

Sandeep that she met in the slums. After building a friendship with

Sandeep, she wanted to do something for him and the other special

children after she left India. Lizzie has teamed up with P.E.T.E. To help us

open a new school for children with special needs to learn through music,

art, and creativity. We need to raise $3,500 to make this school possible

and we depend on the support of people like you! We have included a link

to our crowdfunding campaign and we hope that you will consider giving to

our cause. Please help make the school for special children possible! Every

donation is appreciated and helps us get closer to reaching our goal!”



Lullaby….A Relaxation Recipe Art Piece;)


YAY, inhale, exhale, find your balance and chill:)

I love Lani’s 14 Secrets Fun Monday Challenge #33 – Create a Relaxation Recipe

How great…Creating something that brings us  into relaxation…

We are so lucky to have so many inner tools to create peace and quiet…. Imagination can take us everywhere and create anything we want….I think that finding a mindful way to get into relaxed state of mind is definitely an essential recipe for well-being and happiness:)

Following this Challenge I tried to create from that state of mind and here is one of my Relaxation Recipes…Lullaby.


As usual feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our  Flickr pool

Tuning in Our Inner Guru

Today I came across a great post by amazing Cara Wilde: How To Recognise Your Truth .

Cara suggests a very interesting and practical exercise to get to know our real self and know if we are speaking our truth. This process of knowing when body and mind are aligned by listening to our body reaction  is very supportive in times of confusions when doubts overshadows the heart… Taking time to listen to our body feelings and reaction we are able to recognize our truth and “know”…

Thank you Cara for this practice helping to tune in our inner guru!!!

Interestingly my response to the Circle of Art prompt reconnects with the reflection on tuning in the inner guru:)


If you would like to join us over at the  Virtual Art Circle you can get to  Virtual Art Circle on Facebook  follow the link and request to join! Petrea will add you:)

Joining the Gayatri Mantra Wave celebrating the Year of the Horse: evolving through the Energy of Love

Opss…I forgot to post LOL…

I really love and connect with this artwork by Rune Kondo, ICAF Youth Board Member in Japan. Among many other things, in the real spirit of ICAF, it celebrates  art for the development of creativity and empathy 🙂

I would like to share it to celebrate the special year/new year to come (depending on calendars and cultures)….


The moon has been super magical and it was beautiful to connect with the amazing  energy of the Gayatri Mantra Wave throughout the world celebrating this special time…

Through this evolving process the beauty and the power of Love is the connecting energy radiating through everything and everyone…

I hope that all those positive wishes exchanged throughout the world will feed the positive energy and help collective evolution honoring the planet.



Enjoy, connect and share the new Energy:)


Happy Solstice!

Today it is a special day where we get to feel and appreciate our deep connection with the planet. It is so awesome to connect with the energy and vibes of everything around and tune into inner wisdom …..

I have encountered some amazing celebrations…mantra, meditations, music, art and dance ….Now even in cyber space people manage to connect and share their vibes and thoughts….I am grateful to connect with  this beautiful energy that transcends time and space. Thank you everyone for tuning into this amazing portal where the planet loudly dialogues with us!!!


“The change in the Sun’s relationship with the planet has a significant impact on the lives of people, particularly for those who inhabit the region of the earth between eighteen degrees to forty-eight degrees north latitude, because this part of the earth gets the maximum impact in this shifting. A human being cannot escape anything that happens to the planet – because what we call as “myself” is just a piece of this planet, and a more sensitive and far more receptive part of the planet than what is there as earth. So whatever happens to the planet will happen a thousand-fold more within the human system.”  Shaman Bhola Nath Banstola 


Appreciating evolution of life through the solstice is magical….

The most precious gift….

Enjoy and share the gifts of light:)

Celebrating the Winter Solstice…. Sharing Gifts of Light….


Lani over at 14 Secrets had this wonderful ideas about the gifts of light and inspiration to celebrate the upcoming winter solstice… Check out the amazing gifts blogged at Fun Monday Challenge #31 – Gifts of Light and Inspiration

Here is a little something inspired by the beautiful growing energy over at 14 Secrets…


Thinking about all Winter Solstice Celebrations through places, cultures and history…The inspiration and gift I would like to share is a global wish….

May the special light touch everyone everywhere and bring a sense of inner peace and being held by the energy of Love….

So what is your gift to share?

As usual feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our  Flickr pool

The power of a gentle shake

This week’s art prompt over at the Circle of Art remind us about the power of a gentle shake:)

Here is my response…


As always feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and creations!!!!

If you would like to join us over at the  Virtual Art Circle you can get to  Virtual Art Circle on Facebook  follow the link and request to join! Petrea will add you:)

mid-week pondering

Practicing self-compassion through creative expression


In this mid-week pondering I have focused on self-compassion research… I got very inspired by Lani’s  Fun Monday Challenge #23 – Self-Compassion Art ( as usual I kind of reinvent the days of the week lol 🙂

Lani shares some fab links and thoughts on self-compassion and how practicing self-compassion results in an enhanced quality of life reducing stress and feelings of inadequacy that often reflects in what we don’t like about ourselves… So Lani’s great idea is that based on the evidence that exercising self-compassion improves our life then let’s make self-compassion art!!! She suggests to create an art piece with compassion by using a younger version of ourselves….

I think it’s great to explore the different ways in which we can practice self-compassion and that has a positive impact on ourselves… So I decided to incorporate this self-compassion approach in my creative practice and somehow connect my intuition with self-compassion, then take a little time to appreciate and be mindful  brainstorm about ideas to use throughout the day to practice compassion towards others….

So here is an extract of this adventure practicing creative self-compassion and see what happens:)

After this little piece in my journal I created some creative positive notes to distribute randomly promoting self-compassion…


So what is the best way to practice self-compassion for you?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, idea and ways in which you think this challenge can expand!!!! Feel free to share your work or play on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

mid-week pondering

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