The itinerant Travel Bag of Hope: an art journey connecting 14 creative women

I was thinking of incorporating some random acts of kindness through creative projects into my current surroundings while in the Middle East…Sharing is caring and I find that wherever I go it expands the networks within expressive arts therapies, arts and healing communities…
I feel that this could be a little something celebrating the important values of peace, love, gratitude, respect, hope, acceptance and diversity. I got the idea from an amazing previous project by super inspiring art therapist Gretchen Miller and her project: Random Acts of Art adventure traveling pouch that went global.
The aim of the creative random act is to pass on the “Traveling Bag of Hope” with art materials and a little something made for the receiver. Everyone taking part will receive instructions on what/how/whom to send it. The receiver will send me pictures of arrival, creative present made of things inside the bag, add a little something to the bag, do a page in the bag’s traveling art journal and send it off to the next destination:)
Ultimately local artists, art therapists and their communities will be connected and good creative vibes will be spread:)
traveling bag of hope
So the “Traveling Bag of Hope” (something I made with improvised materials) has already made her way from me to Dana Shaham as the second stop and continue the travels further.
Inside among the creative goodness and artsy vibes, there is also a journal in which everyone will contribute:)
Safe happy travels to “Traveling Bag of Hope” and its encounters:)

Joining the Chalk Art wave for Brussels and Humanity

It feels the world is going a little darker with the recent news of Brussels and the trauma and strong emotions that first touched Turkey and now back in Europe in Brussels. Maybe because Europe has been my “home” for such a long time, or maybe because in the continent there is a strong sense of democracy, freedom and coexistence of diversity..Maybe it is because acceptance and existentialism have deep roots..I don’t know I just feel that there is something strong turning the world as we know it upside down…It goes beyond the terrible events happening in Brussels, Paris and France and Turkey..It is something that questions humanity…Art comes to the rescue and while I have been using for myself and in art therapy settings in response to reactions and feelings in light of this event…It has been interesting and uplifting to see how people gathered in Brussels and express through art essential ideas and keep positive in spite of everything.

I feel that even from far away I want to join that chalk art wave and contribute to that loud voice that speaks a deep truth. I started with the dark but then colors emerged and life has shades and humanity has hope.



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Random Acts of Art Adventure: Super-charged from powerful creative buzz from the traveling art pouch

A while back I joined an interesting creative adventure organised by board certified art therapist and certified trauma consultant  Gretchen Miller. The project involves a special Random Acts of ART Pouch touching several destinations globally and connecting creatives…

It was such a surprise to receive it after it traveled such a long way…It reached so many art corners and within its content much art was/is and will be shared!!! Finally the Random Acts of Art Adventure touched based in my creative space last week….super exciting!!! It was incredible to find so much goodness in it…There is the pouch’s fascinating journal/passport and then every single item is so infused with creative spirit that is way too contagious…Is beyond amazing to think about how many artists, places this special art pouch has reached and inspired… Being able to connect to those vibes is incredible!!!



Discovering the content of the art pouch and going through its passport is so inspiring… every single bit comes from someone who has been creating before with its content and followed the philosophy of practicing random acts of art..

I received something special that Bernadette in Cambridgeshire did for me….beautiful!!!

I was so super-charged by this contagious energy that I created few things….

….A page in the pouch passport…


Then I made a sort of mandala/art mantra for Michela waiting for the pouch next:)


And while I was making something else…an unfolding love letter/note using cards and other material from the pouch…I came across someone who really needed it…so I took on this idea a little further and now I create some artsy notes to cheer up people who need it most and drop them randomly in community places I know …


And so the random acts of art continue!!!!



Thank you Gretchen and everyone on this great inspiring adventure of practicing random acts of art!




P.E.T.E.’s School for Special Children support our Indiegogo project only 21 DAYS LEFT!

Hello everyone:)

I know it has been quite a while…I disappeared from the cyber world but I have been networking and following projects in the world around me:) Finally getting back and it is great to catch up with amazing creatives and inspiring people from all over!


I would like to bring the attention to P.E.T.E. NGO in New Delhi and the project we set up on Indiegogo to open a new school for special children in the slums as time is running out…ONLY 21 DAYS!!! Please help us make this project a reality!!!

Directly from P.E.T.E. UPDATE

“Introducing our newest project….. P.E.T.E.’s School for Special Children

We want to provide a safe place where children with special needs can

learn and grow. One volunteer, Lizzie, was inspired by a child named

Sandeep that she met in the slums. After building a friendship with

Sandeep, she wanted to do something for him and the other special

children after she left India. Lizzie has teamed up with P.E.T.E. To help us

open a new school for children with special needs to learn through music,

art, and creativity. We need to raise $3,500 to make this school possible

and we depend on the support of people like you! We have included a link

to our crowdfunding campaign and we hope that you will consider giving to

our cause. Please help make the school for special children possible! Every

donation is appreciated and helps us get closer to reaching our goal!”



New Update from the road: straight form the heart of the artist journal

It has been a while I wanted to write this post but I got side tracked but some personal stuff going on ….more on that on next post:)

So during my travels and experiences in India I was lucky enough to connect, meet and spend some time with some amazing people and take part in great projects and ideas just as they unfold….With a little nostalgia I left the north of India a while ago and decided to head south in spite of the heat … On one hand it was difficult to say good-bye and hit the road again after having met some fab people who made me part of their extended family and their world… On the other hand  by making my way south I got to experience new colors, flavors, crowds, languages and traditions….

The main reason to cruise through Mumbai and head to Pune in Maraashatra was to meet and spend some quality time with a very inspiring friend, artist and parent Abha Bhagwat .… I was blown away with my experience spending time with her, her family and friends.  I was lucky to take part in Abha’s art workshops and see her artwork. It is so refreshing and beautiful to find someone who treasures children creativity and imagination, understanding how essential it is to let that flow within any aspects of children’s life.






Also having the chance to visit inspiring places fostering free play and imagination like the Balbahvan in Pune, a truly special recreational place for children created by extraordinary Shobhatai…



And then the amazing project by Arvin Gupta , at IUCCA, making learning toys from trash with the mission of  bringing education everywhere and stimulating the creative mind…Super inspiring environments where creative ideas get wings:)))










image (1)


It was so amazing to experience life these amazing places and playing freely with imagination and creativity inspired by a very open, experimental and inspiring environment promoting the creative flow on so many levels. I so enjoyed the incredible inspiring energy coming from interactions with children and making art with them. It is special to see the world through their eyes…So this is the fab context from which magic things happen.. While I have made my journal throughout my different whereabouts and improvised with art materials and communities…in Pune I was overwhelmed by the contagious artistic creative vibes all around…


image (2)


A creative manifesto & sharing good vibes to create more happiness!


Oh yes tackling the Fun Monday Challenge #34 – What is your creative manifesto  in the middle of the week..Awesome 🙂

Lani’s great idea to pass on is to create a manifesto and share it with the world…

My manifesto is a little scroll carrying the nice whispers of the magic story “Le Petit Prince” by  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry … We are reminded that our heart can see through the invisible and it can take us where our eyes can’t:)

“On ne voit qu’avec le coeur l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux” 

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


And today Lani shares another super inspiring post inviting us to spread secretly positive vibes: ” Secretly find two people (could be strangers) to wish well, to hope their suffering be lessened, or that they be happy.”

Top secret way to have a happy life (#30 out of a thousand)

Beyond amazing….It is so beautiful how positive energy changes physical reality!!!! So please get going and share some goodness 🙂

As usual feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our  Flickr pool


mid-week pondering

Passing on the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award!


A very inspiring special sister Sue Dreamwalker…nominated me for this award…

 I am so honoured and I look forward to pass it on to my other sisters bloggers out there..

I am very thankful to have crossed path with very special Sisters out there from around the globe, sharing inspiration and Love…Please take up the award and pass it along to others… 

Namaste, Lizzie


1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.

2. Answer ten questions.

3. Nominated 10-12  blogs that you find a joy to read.

4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated. ( this may take a while )

5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

~Ten questions to be answered~~

(Find my answers below each question)

1. Your favourite colour ….

I love the rainbow…all colours reflect nuances of energy and spirit of things…So according to context and feeling colors change:) Colours are embedded within life force and I am grateful to be able to perceive and feel them and creating with them!

2. Your favourite animal … 

All animals are special creatures…I can’t help to connect with them whenever I cross path with them…They have a beautiful way to link to the circle of life and mother nature….I love to hang out with horses, dogs, elephants, monkeys, turtles, dolphins and sea animals, watch eagles and birds flying and singing, looking at wild animals in their environment…They help me reconnect with the planet and truly appreciate nature:)

3. Your favourite non-alcoholic drink …. 

ahhh I agree with Sue Dream walker…Water!  The simplest yet so rich and complete element that can nourish and hydrate and revitalize our body and clear the mind…the best drink of water is from natural streams up in the high mountains…Water is also the essential component of fantastic infusions and teas…

4. Facebook or Twitter ….. 

Facebook: Lizzie Bellotto

Facebook page: artevolutionsLab (can’t keep up LOL 🙂

Twitter: @lizzieartnsurf (more articles, links, ideas)

5. Your favourite pattern …..

Oh my gosh I totally agree with Sue DreamWalker once again… The spiral as it is the web of life…

See my posts on the journey through mandala and life…

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents?

Giving always

7. Your favourite number …   

Very difficult I don’t really see plain numbers….

8. Your favourite day of the week … 

Everyday is a brand new day

9. Your favourite flower …. 

I love colours, seasons and different climates zones

Everywhere there is beautiful vegetation to appreciate the beauty of life…

Oh I have so many favourites, but I love snow-drops the first flowers to push through the hard earth to show the signs of spring, and Daffodils to bring the Sunshine into our lives after the long winter.

10. What is your passion? ….

Living from the heart …Creating things, making art, develop ideas…Share and grow with others…

~~Blog Sisters~~

So my special appreciation to the most inspiring, passionate and caring blog sisters….

Your work, ideas, love and energy is so important and much needed….

The most special list in no particular order….

1. Gretchen Miller: Creativity in Motion

2. Lani Gerity Glanville: 14 Secrets for A Happy Artist Life

3. Shari Bessi: The Other Side of Ugly


5. Susanna Suchak: Susannais

6. Petrea Hansen Adamidis:

7. Quinn McDonald : Quinn Creative

8. Jackie Stuart : Flower Spirit

9. Karina Ladet:

10. Kara Wilde: Wild Bliss Blog

11. Kha: Awake to Life

12. Zeenat Merchant Syal: Positive Provocations

13. To reconnect the circle… Sue Dreamwalker: Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary 


Japcreativity passon

Celebrating the Winter Solstice…. Sharing Gifts of Light….


Lani over at 14 Secrets had this wonderful ideas about the gifts of light and inspiration to celebrate the upcoming winter solstice… Check out the amazing gifts blogged at Fun Monday Challenge #31 – Gifts of Light and Inspiration

Here is a little something inspired by the beautiful growing energy over at 14 Secrets…


Thinking about all Winter Solstice Celebrations through places, cultures and history…The inspiration and gift I would like to share is a global wish….

May the special light touch everyone everywhere and bring a sense of inner peace and being held by the energy of Love….

So what is your gift to share?

As usual feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our  Flickr pool

Weekend reflection: celebrating Eudomonic happiness

I am catching up with  creative concos and ideas and this weekend I have been exploring the awesome Fun Monday Challenge #20 – Eudomonic happiness  by Lani Gerity over at 14 Secrets. 


As usual Lani Gerity is a super amazing source of ideas connecting to fab research and studies in positive psychology, neuroscience and the great creative power of art making!!! As I love those field and how current science is backing up the power of happy vibes I encourage you to check out the great links Lani mentions in her post. In particular genetic response to different types of happiness is beyond fascinating and bring closer science and creativity.

The differentiation between hedonic and eudomonic happiness is a very interesting point and I went to read this good articleON HAPPINESS AND HUMAN POTENTIALS: A Review of Research on Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being in the Annual Review of Psychology (Deci & Ryan, 2001). Hedonic happiness is based on the subjective standpoint in which  happiness is achieved by positive affection and satisfying cognition, for example in getting something that makes one feel good. While eudomonic happiness relies on the fundamentals of  humanistic psychology: self actualization and fulfillment result in happiness as a byproduct of the process of pursuing eudomonic goals.

Lani’s post refers to Frederickson studies (Frederickson et al., 2013) amazingly showing how eudomonic happiness (the happiness of “doing good” and “finding a purpose”) has a profound genetic impact in which well-being is triggered by the experience of eudonomic happiness.

I love how Lani take this information one step further and make an art challenge:

“Create an envelope or container of some sort that can fit in your bag or purse, and in this keep ATC’s (there are a few posts right here on ATC cards), simple moo cards, or even simple inspiring quotes on card stock.  Then when you are in some public place you can leave a gift, a bit of guerilla art, or a random act of art kindness.  You will be creating the happiness of doing good art, AND you can create genetic changes with your Eudomonic Happy Art (Guerilla Art).”

How cool is that?!!? Revolutionizing the environments you come across instilling happy vibes doing good and feeling awesome:) So get get your best tools out to make this happen and share happiness!!!


The most amazing thing here that all you need really is to bring about your creative side and adventure in creating and sharing good… Personally I see this going way beyond art making but as an essential rule in life to expand happy vibes to the max and create positive energy all around!!!

So what do you think?!! Please feel free to share your thoughts, idea and ways in which you think this challenge can expand!!!! Feel free to share your work or play on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

A week through creative affirmation cards

This week I have been focusing on affirmations inspired by the beautiful journey through the pilot course Kiss of the Muse with Joy Hellman.

I decided to make daily affirmation cards combining some ideas from my world and the point I am at…

I had to adapt to whatever materials were at hand, like kids pastels, markers and found paper LOL 🙂

The most important aspect though has been the mindful consideration of something quite simple in principle…

It has been a very interesting journey exploring the inner self and layering with the acquired mindful material…. there is a strong Asian, and in particular Japanese influence as I am also am exploring and getting back to learn a bit more about that fascinating part of the world!

So here is the developed sequence:








Have a great weekend creating and getting inspired!

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