Compassion Games 2014: Team 6Degrees of Creativity creative deeds go global

Inspired by beautiful creative vibes and energy of Gretchen Miller I joined¬†her great initiative to take part in Compassion games 2014 with the Team 6 Degrees of Creativity ūüôā

It has been an amazing 10 days adventure creating and connecting to others, oneself and the earth….It is simply beautiful how this global initiative generated awesome secrets agents of compassion to spread the message and make the world we live in ¬†a little brighter with every contribution!!!

So it all started with our daily assignments of creative deeds to make and share:)

The¬†creative deed #1 “Show Us Your Heart!” was the perfect start to connect to the most amazing compassion vibes that connects globally with this initiative!! Gretchen had this fab powerful idea sending in photos of our cutting of a paper heart in team members’ hands. The strong message of utter empathy was right on the starting of the Compassion Games and on the Day of Remonstrance for September 11th…



Next creative deed #2 : “Chalk It Up for Compassion!”… How great to create a piece of something outdoors with chalk so the world could stumble upon …so the message can really go a long way ūüôā


Creative deed #3 “Compassion WordClouding” was real fun and an introduction into wordart design:)


Creative Deed¬†#4 was a fab “Operation Random Acts of Creative Kindness” so operative got an opportunity to make some creative inspiring messages and spread them around….. so I though to share sockmonkey love and kindness with a take what you need flyer that could bright up the day of people encountering it…

¬†Creative deed #5…It was about¬†recognizing a Compassion All Star in our life & community with a creative twist! ¬†So that day I nominated a truly special person as Compassion All Star: my mom:) ¬†and my artsy awards for this special nomination for her:) This process was very emotional….Thank you Gretchen!!!

CompassionAllStarLoveBoxfront (2)


Creative deed #6 “Creativity& Compassion Quote Hunt”¬†… So by using free online programs one I created something using ¬†a quote that deeply resonates withme…For me one can feel the endless ways of expressive arts getting to the soul!



Creative deed #7 “Compassion Cards of Awesomeness” switched on that beautiful role of ¬†being a Secret Agent of Compassion…Special Secret Agent mission to¬†create anonymous¬†Compassion Cards of Awesomeness to leave randomly ¬†in places… The theme to celebrate in the cards was BEING AWESOME ¬†ūüôā

So while I was on the train I created some cards to distribute in a hospital…. I really loved to see the positive reactions of some people who discovered them…Of course as a secret agent I tried to keep distance LOL:)


To learn more about the Compassion Game’s Secret Agents of Compassion, to get inspired check out this page: or the International Kindness Team (IKT) blog where Secret Agent missions are posted daily throughout the games:


Creative deed #8 ¬†“Secret Agent of Compassion- Nature Creative Deed”

Today’s Creative Deed¬† was again linked to Secret Agent of Compassion mission with the goal of showing compassion to nature & the earth…The intent was “to increase your understanding of the interrelatedness in nature” and for us in particular was to document this perspective with a photo. The SAoC mission posted earlier that week that became¬†our mission for creative deed #8:

I was inspired with by grounding and earthing acts that really reconnect us to mature and the earth. In particular recalling a beautiful event back in India with a special friend when we planted spouted fruit seeds in the ground and let the eco magic happen:) So this time I sprouted bean seeds and I planted them honoring the earth:)
Creative deed #9 “Compassion Mandala”
What a great mission to create a mandala with our fav¬†material ¬†expressing what compassion means to us… Well for me, given what I could find as was still travelling I managed to get some paints and lil creative bits together and improvized¬†a painting on a wooden board….It kinds of builds up layers through material, in a way creating the fabric and nuances that are connected with compassion.
Creative Deed #¬†10: “Compassion Stickie Note Art”
What a great mission to use Post-It/ Stickie Notes to spread around randomly creative messages about compassion!!! So much fun and good energy coming after a nice walk accomplishing this mission in the neighborhood:)
Compassion Stickie NoteArt
And to celebrate the last ¬†of the Compassion Games:¬†creative deed #11:¬†“International Day of Peace Flag”!!!
We got to create a prayer flay celebrating this special day letting this reminder spreading its message through the wind…
I love making prayer flags as there is something special about the process and the message they carry. This time I have tried to make a paper one using few things from India and Tibet…Great to celebrate peace on the World Peace Day.
Take a moment to check the awesome post :

Wrap Up: Creative Deeds in Action @ the 2014 Compassion Games over at 6 Degrees of Creativity about the all the fab creations and experiences of this adventure!!

Inspiration from the circle of art


I still need to update posts from the road…getting there in due time;)

I am ¬†finally able to¬†reconnect with the vibrant energy of inspiring creatives over at the circle of art….I have been travelling and following interesting projects and ideas but I have been missing touching base with amazing people over at the circle of art:)

It is quite interesting bringing that inspiration into the reality I am experiencing at the moment…..Thank you Petrea and everyone at over at the circle of Art!!!

Sending lots of love and sunshine especially to those in cold weather ūüėČ







If you are not already a part of the Virtual Art Circle on Facebook and would like to be, just click on the link and ask to join.

“Being all there” wherever and whenever….

This was inspired by the beautiful prompt over at the circle of Art ūüôā

The ¬†Miyajima Torii is a real special place….the stunning floating gate to¬†Itsukushima Shrine¬†…part of the World Heritage Site on Miyajima Island.

The magic here happens following the tides cycles…when there is low tide one can get there by walking on the mud..then when high tide comes in the¬†Miyajima Torii appears floating on the water….I feel that somehow those moments reconnects with the flow of our invisible Qi and the flow of life….


Kabir’s wisdom is so profound…It really doesn’t matter where we are at….All that matters is that any point is a starting point and we have the power to be active participants within that energy and create anything we want to ……

If you would like to join us over at the  Virtual Art Circle you can get to  Virtual Art Circle on Facebook  follow the link and request to join! Petrea will add you:)

Pursuing Happiness

Something inspired by the beautiful prompt over at the circle of art:)


I hope you all had weekend filled with happy vibes:) As usual please feel free to share your thoughts, art, ideas…Anything you like:)

If you would like to join us over at the  Virtual Art Circle you can get to  Virtual Art Circle on Facebook  follow the link and request to join! Petrea will add you:)

Lullaby….A Relaxation Recipe Art Piece;)


YAY, inhale, exhale, find your balance and chill:)

I love Lani’s 14 Secrets¬†Fun Monday Challenge #33 – Create a Relaxation Recipe

How great…Creating something that brings us ¬†into relaxation…

We are so lucky to have so many inner tools to create peace and quiet…. Imagination can take us everywhere and create anything we want….I think that finding a mindful way to get into relaxed state of mind is definitely an essential recipe for well-being and happiness:)

Following this Challenge I tried to create from that state of mind and here is one of my Relaxation Recipes…Lullaby.


As usual feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our  Flickr pool

Looking inward to change outward

Something inspired by the Circle of Art:)


I think it is amazing how things are connected and how we grow through conscious evolution!

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Sock Monkey Vincenzo has arrived:)

YAY…it’s so great to meet Vincenzo, my super cute and energetic Sock Monkey filled with Love and Happy Vibes made by Eleni¬†Zatz¬†Litt. Thank you Eleni ūüôā


I love Gretchen’s initiative/tradition over at 6 Degrees of Creativity swapping & radiating Sock Monkey Love!!!!

There is something truly special about making and sharing Sock Monkey…the magic is brought into everyday life and connects people through beautiful positive energy!!! Thank you Gretchen and everyone over at 6 Degrees for creating this magic!

Celebrating the Winter Solstice…. Sharing Gifts of Light….


Lani over at 14 Secrets had this wonderful ideas about the gifts of light and inspiration to celebrate the upcoming¬†winter¬†solstice… Check out the amazing gifts blogged at¬†Fun Monday Challenge #31 – Gifts of Light and Inspiration

Here is a little something inspired by the beautiful growing energy over at 14 Secrets…


Thinking about all Winter Solstice Celebrations through places, cultures and history…The inspiration and gift I would like to share is a global wish….

May the special light touch everyone everywhere and bring a sense of inner peace and being held by the energy of Love….

So what is your gift to share?

As usual feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our  Flickr pool

Let the way evolve…

This week prompt over at the Circle of Art is inspired by Rumi…
Very special words of wisdom that echoes inwards and outwards reconnecting to the bigger picture …
infinite being                                               

As always feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and creations!!!!

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Have a great weekend ūüôā

Love note for the unconscious mind


I have pondered on Lani’s Fun Monday Challenge #30 – We Are Loved….

Focusing on the power of our unconscious mind and the beautiful prompt on our ability to love suggested by Lani….I made this special note for the unconscious mind…


What a wicked challenge, thank you Lani!!!

Here is Lani’s prompt :

” Create a love note / art piece for your unconscious. Use this statement if you like or some other statement that will make it feel jolly. If the unconscious is too abstract of an idea, then try creating your piece for a child, perhaps even the child you once were. Take note of inner responses to this activity. “

Please feel free to share your art or play anywhere on blogs, on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

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