“Being all there” wherever and whenever….

This was inspired by the beautiful prompt over at the circle of Art ūüôā

The ¬†Miyajima Torii is a real special place….the stunning floating gate to¬†Itsukushima Shrine¬†…part of the World Heritage Site on Miyajima Island.

The magic here happens following the tides cycles…when there is low tide one can get there by walking on the mud..then when high tide comes in the¬†Miyajima Torii appears floating on the water….I feel that somehow those moments reconnects with the flow of our invisible Qi and the flow of life….


Kabir’s wisdom is so profound…It really doesn’t matter where we are at….All that matters is that any point is a starting point and we have the power to be active participants within that energy and create anything we want to ……

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Tuning in Our Inner Guru

Today I came across a great post by amazing Cara Wilde: How To Recognise Your Truth .

Cara suggests a very interesting and practical exercise to get to know our real self and know if we are speaking our truth. This process of knowing when body and mind are aligned by listening to our body reaction ¬†is very supportive in times of confusions when doubts overshadows the heart… Taking time to listen to our body feelings and reaction we are able to recognize our truth and “know”…

Thank you Cara for this practice helping to tune in our inner guru!!!

Interestingly my response to the Circle of Art prompt reconnects with the reflection on tuning in the inner guru:)


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What is your guiding word for the year? Let’s join the REVOLUTION from the HEART:)

As I was pondering on some topics on conscious evolution and a fab moment of synchronicity led me to the beautiful post by amazing and inspiring¬†Sue Dreamwalker: Connection via the matrix¬†!!! Sue explains and illustrate so well how everything is connected and how through our own process of evolution we can awaken to the Truth…We then have the resources to experience and explore the world as it really is rather than how we have been told to believe.. Once we get to feel the Energy and its flow we get to know the interlinked pathways of the “WEB”… Have a look at Sue great post explaining¬†Energy Grids ‚ÄďLey Lines and vortexes¬†and how outer energy of the planet connects with our inner energy of ourselves….This even connects with yesterday’s post as our inner energy can affect the outer one and the other way around:)¬†Looking inward to change outward

More and more people feel the global SHIFT in consciousness, we go through few energetic shifts in consciousness in our personal evolution and this is contributing to the collective evolution…It is said that we are moving towards moments of bigger shifts within the passing of physical time we perceive on the planet.

Recently I was asked whether I have a word for the new year… Time in the physical dimension is so relative…In fact some (me included) are still waiting for the new year LOL ūüôā¬†The thing is that a guiding word, or rather the feeling of it found me… So FLOWING is the word that found me before I could even think about it….The beautiful free flow of Qi, experienced through Qi Gong, is re-connecting the balance of flowing energy in myself, towards others and the earth. By unblocking energy points, emotions feelings and everything is FLOWING. This process fosters creativity, positive thinking, feelings and actions, raising vibrations and enabling to experience and understand that WE ARE ONE. Since¬†everything is connected so are our words and intentions….


So what is your guiding word, what word has found you?

Enjoy the journey and whatever comes across your path:)

As Sue reminds us we can direct our energy to bring balance on the planet… Mass Consciousness facilitates major change and we see that in our recent history.

Dr. Hawkins and his research show how the higher vibration of Love promotes conscious evolution and brings positive changes.  

Sue invites us to join and connect via the Grid to open our heart and connect it to the world to send Love…

Let’s join the REVOLUTION from the HEART:)

Adventure Collage: Fun Monday Challenge on a Tuesday:)

Oh yes creativity blurs the boundaries of time lol…

I am catching up with Lani’s 14 Secrets Fun Monday challenges

I love this idea from last week…Fun Monday Challenge #24 – Adventure Supplies

Creating something inspired by how would we like our adventure…

So here is my Adventure Collage….I feel like it’s just the beginning of a long series inspired by this:)


What is does your adventure look like?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, idea and ways in which you think this challenge can expand!!!! Feel free to share your work or play on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

One : inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #22 – Collage Fun


Last week Lani’s 14 secrets Fun Monday Challenge #22¬†¬†suggested to make a collage celebrating our most important values…

So I created this collage as my reminder to tune into my hearth, breathe and live from there connecting to the world:)


What are you most important value that you want to use as a special reminder?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, idea and ways in which you think this challenge can expand!!!! Feel free to share your work or play on Instagram  #14SecretsChallenge or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

Welcome the Light : inspired by the Circle of Art

This week prompt over at the Circle of Art ¬†is very¬†strong….

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ¬†-Rumi

While thinking about it I came across something that resonated with and liked to the prompt..

So my response …

First with a yogi tea tag and my interpretation of it and then making something exploring this framework of mind…

characyer prompt

From these ideas, I made this piece using inks, reflections and layers….

LizzieIpadcamerarollSept2013 3514

Enjoy the rest of your weekend ūüôā

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Soul Care: Grow With Love inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #16


Last week Fun Monday Challenge #16 – Vision Box by Catherine Anderson was just awesome!!!

Make sure to check Lani’s post over at 14 Secrets where she tells beautifully how she got the idea to create a vision box inspired by Catherine Anderson:)

It ¬†reminded me of a cool project I did a while back for a collected exhibition and project called Secret Box…

totoro's box2012

“Totoro’s box”, mixed media, 2012¬† Lizzie Bellotto
This secret box celebrates the creativity and imagination and function as a totem for inspiration and hiding place from everyday life. It has the magic property of freezing time and space and gently reminds of the beauty within the moment. Totoro, the spirit of the forest only visible to children, proudly guards this box and children take amazing journeys while discovering it.

The Fun Monday Challenge #16 reminded me of the magic of my “Totoro’s Box”…

So I went on a quest to find a box to adapt… I also wanted the box to be something I would use…. and while I was just contemplating that idea I just looked at my artist’s box, my survival kit on the go…what a perfect box:) So my vision box is also something that travels along with me….

Even though I started off with different techniques in mind once again I had to face reality and be practical… I could not adventure in the great world of photo transfer, which I really like, but opt for collage due to settings…It took me a while but here is my vision box: “Soul Care: Grow with Love”.

soulcare gow with love vision box

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Inner Eye inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #15


This week Fun monday Challenge #15 over at 14 Secrets is based on art journaling and prompts our super creative self to adventure through layers!

Funny enough I started a similar process yesterday as I just needed to create and create and create….so after experimenting on my daily journal I have been working on scattered pieces throughout moments I could find a lil moment…. I wan’ t quite sure what I was up to…but I kept going trusting the process…later when I read Lani’ s post and about the challenge it all came together and my intuition lead me to create this piece….

inner eye

Thank you Lani for great inspiration and happy information!!!

What is it inspiring you o do?

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Appreciation b4 making inspired by Fun Monday Challenge #14


Very interesting Fun Monday Challenge #14 over at 14 secrets:

” Appreciate your art even before you get started…”

This is so special and definitely brings the great perspective of making truly for the process of following our creative flow and not activating the inner critic and responses to the end product…

Furthermore,  Inner Canvas suggestion to extend this process to other environments such as work, just considering them as our art making process and thus we can appreciate things/event and people before our interaction!!!

So I tried first in my journal sketching and then while working on a special project with amazing people …

A life changing perception of a very beautiful world ūüôā

Thank you Lani and Lisa !!!!

So what was your experience like? Have a go and if you want  share it on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool.

Honoring creativity… inspired by the circle of art!

Something I started during ¬†the virtual art circle hang out today and just finished ūüôā

It was inspired by my intention today and this week quote over at the circle of art:

‚ÄúCreativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.‚ÄĚ Rita Mae Brown


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