Curling energy

NAMASTE everyone,

Greetings from India!

Things will be quieter here as I am on the road and will not get a chance to update much….

However, I shall stop by when I get a chance and share the journey;)

And go all those awesome blogger out there I will catch up with things slowly …..

I came across the very inspiring prompt over at the circle of art……

“There is a light seed grain inside. You fill it with yourself, or it dies.

I’m caught in this curling energy. Your hair. Whoever’s calm and sensible is insane.



As usual feel free to join;)

Week-end reflection: reconnecting with the awesomeness within


I hope you are having a fab weekend!!!

Last week I embarked on a fascinating mantra meditation journey that I discovered by chance after having done few other meditations challenges…

21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey With Deva & Miten

I have started a journal following this practice following my personal evolution… my reflections and notes are accompanied with  sketches inspired by daily practice and topics…I am sharing here a few 😉


For me, this mantra meditation is quite special and  very different because it reaches the level of the mindful mind through pure sound connecting our own energy and vibration with those of amazing Deva Premal and Miten …

It’s so beautiful to experience our inner tuning coming from our own sound through chanting echoing our own vibration…


Feel the magic I am talking about in this short clip about a powerful chanting meditation with Deva and Miten:)

I find that chanting brings a further nuance to the mindful mind…

I like all sorts of meditation as I see them as different ways to reach a state of mind that in the modern world gets too separated from daily life….through meditation we get re-acquainted with accessing that part of the self that grant access to a deeper and holistic view of being…it reconnects to the absence of life beyond separation at some many levels… body mind and soul are reconnected and can allow to perceive things differently, a precious reminder that we are not so separate from others and surroundings, that energy flows and we are part of hat flow and that awareness brings responsibility about what we carry and promote within the world…


It s such a beautiful way to re-connect to the awesomeness we have within that sometimes gets suffocated by external layers of modern life!



love, peace and light to you all;)


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